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Romantic series or an intense love story deserve an authentically romantic setting. And you can find them in Bruges. Swans on the canals, charming courtyards or hidden parks: love reigns supreme in Bruges' city centre. You can bet they'll make your production shine on the silver screen too.

They chose romantic Bruges as the film setting

Bruges proves itself as a romantic setting every day. As a guarantee of a magical marriage proposal and as a setting in numerous productions. Will you add the next touch of shared romance to our record?

  • West Fleming Jens Dendoncker immediately knew how to link Bruges with romance. How could it be otherwise, with a programme title like Da's Liefde ('That's Love'). Throughout the series, you'll spot Burg Square, the Concertgebouw, the Jerusalem Church, and Gruuthuse courtyard, among others.
  • The first Bollywood production in Belgium, PK, was partially shot in Bruges. Aamir Khan and Anushka Sharma fall for each other like nobody's business here. And no doubt the romantic setting has something to do with that.
  • The Bachelorette (US) was also set in Bruges – the ideal setting for fluttering butterflies to grow.

Locations for romantic productions

From the first meeting to a romantic getaway for 2 and even a romantic wedding: for every stage in a love story, Bruges has an appropriate setting on offer.


Parks and gardens

The well-known Lake of Love Park, the wide-open space of Bruges' City Ramparts or the intimate garden of local park Ter Potterie: Bruges has an appropriate dash of greenery for great and small storylines.


Hidden gems

Have the romantic tourist attractions not convinced you yet? Or did you not find the perfect match for your screenplay? Then we have a series of hidden gems that will no doubt make your heart beat faster:

  • Almshouses
  • Beguinage
  • Boniface Bridge
  • Coupure
  • Gouden Handrei
  • Gruuthuse courtyard
  • Hemelrijk and Oliebaan
  • Hof Arents
  • King's Bridge
  • Meebrug and Peerdenbrug
  • ...

Love along and across the water

Little is more romantic than a couple's photo on a charming bridge on the water. Good news: Bruges has dozens of them. From a contemporary cycle bridge to the rustic Conzett Bridge. Did you know that the Lovers' Bridge is widely accepted as the romantic bridge par excellence?


A breathtaking wedding venue

The icing on the cake for a romantic movie? That's a successful marriage. The City Hall's Gothic Hall gives you the ultimate wedding location for your film production. Instant atmosphere assured.

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