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Whether you're filming a historical novel, a thriller from a previous century or a historical series, you're looking for a setting that perfectly captures the spirit of the times. As a historic city, Bruges has many assets for your film shoots, featuring buildings in a variety of architectural styles and artifacts from various construction periods.

Rich in historical buildings

If you want to fully draw viewers into your story, your historical setting must be perfectly accurate. Bruges has an enormous amount of historically correct and well-preserved sites. A Gothic facade or a 16th-century interior? The City Film Office will guide you to the appropriate historical location for your shoot.

They chose historic Bruges as a film setting

The fact that Bruges is full of unique heritage and locations from every construction period has not escaped the producer of these productions either. Will you follow in their footsteps?


Burg Square with its historical assets

Bruges' city centre boasts a great deal of valuable heritage. As a historical site, the Burg brings together a variety of unique buildings and atmospheres. Here, you will find:

  • the Basilica of the Holy Blood, with its unique Romanesque church interior in the lower chapel
  • the Gothic City Hall
  • the Civil Registry from the Renaissance
  • the classicist Liberty of Bruges
  • the City Archives with the old Assize Court
  • the Deanery, where the baroque architectural style reigns supreme

Interiors with a history too

Do you also want to create indoor shots that perfectly capture the spirit of the times and convey it on screen? Let us know what specific interior details you are looking for. These might be an attic with wooden vaults and a plank floor, an old staircase, library, cloister, old kitchen, roof trusses from a specific architectural style, a balcony on the water, etc. We will help you on your way.

The historical city as a backdrop

Whatever architectural style you are looking for, Bruges has the appropriate historical cityscape on offer. Optimally preserved and historically correct. And that's an instant hit for your film or series.


Historical monuments and city palaces

  • Adornes Estate
  • Belfry
  • Blacksmith's Gate
  • Bladelin Court
  • Boniface Bridge
  • City Hall
  • Cross Gate
  • Donkey's Gate
  • Ghent Gate
  • Gruuthuse Museum
  • Gunpowder Tower
  • House Arents
  • House Gezelle
  • Liberty of Bruges
  • Provincial Court
  • Saint John's Hospital
  • Saint Sebastian's Archers Guild
  • Sint-Janshuis Mill
  • Tollhouse
  • ...

19th-century neoclassical Bruges

  • Ridderstraat and Sint-Jansstraat
  • Fish Market
  • Secondary school Sint-Leo Hemelsdaele
  • St Anne's Square and adjacent streets
  • City Theatre
  • Main cemetery
  • The 19th-century working-class district (Balsemboomstraat and Vuldersstraat)
  • The walled street Hemelrijk
  • Oliebaan and Snaggaardstraat
  • Howest University in Saint George´s street

Neo-Gothic filming locations

  • Jan van Eyck Square
  • Exterior of the Basilica of the Holy Blood
  • Gruuthuse

Churches and monasteries

  • Carmelites
  • Church of Our Lady of the Visitation, Lissewege
  • Church of Our Lady
  • English Convent
  • Jerusalem Church
  • Kapucijnenklooster
  • Major Seminary
  • Saint Anne’s Church
  • Saint Godelina's Abbey
  • Saint James' Church
  • Saint Saviour’s Cathedral
  • Saint Walburgha's Church
Kasteel Ten Berghe

Filming in a castle

  • De Spijker
  • Ten Berghe
  • Tillegem
  • Tudor
Imagine Bruges | Erfgoed

Medieval filming locations

  • Adornes Estate
  • B&B Nuit Blanche
  • Belffy + City Halls
  • Boniface Site
  • Burg
  • Gruuthuse Courtyard
  • Jan van Eycksquare
  • Markt

Filming by/on the water

  • Coupure
  • Dijver
  • Gouden Handrei
  • Groenerei
  • Lake of Love
  • Potterierei
  • Rozenhoedkaai
  • Speelmansrei
zicht op Lissewege

Charming villages

  • Dudzele
  • Lissewege
  • Male
  • Ver-Assebroek
  • ...

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