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Does your filming take up part of the public road (lighting, set elements, blocking traffic, drone deployment, ...) or do yourequest specific support from the city (keeping parking spaces clear, filming in city buildings, ...)? Then you need to apply for a film permit. If your production has no impact on the public road, a notification will do.

Are you uncertain as to whether you need a permit? This wizard will help you on your way through a few targeted questions. Of course, we are also happy to help you over the phone.

  • Current Applicant contact information
  • Production details
  • Return for Bruges
  • Complete

Applicant contact information

Production company details

Opnames Maître Poutifard - Groenerei
Groenerei (Les Vengeances De Maître Poutifard) Visit Bruges - Jan Darthet

Don't forget this either

You have made a notification or applied for your permit? Super. Tick off the following checks too and you're all set.

  • Requesting green power
    The city aims to avoid the use of generators. We are therefore providing connections to urban green power. Read all about it and submit your application.
  • Informing the neighbourhood
    A film crew in your proverbial backyard is exciting, but sometimes brings with it some inconvenience. You are therefore required to inform local residents of any possible inconvenience at least 2 weeks before the shoot. This template will help you draft your letter smoothly.