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There is a great deal involved in a production on location. Moreover, every film set is different. To get you started on a smooth filming adventure in Bruges, we collect frequently asked questions and provide you with some clear answers.

The City Film Office is ready to assist you with a great deal of valuable information and practical support. Making contact with partners, finding the right location, applying for permits, etc. We'll do it along with you.

You don't need a filming permit for every production. However, there is always a duty to notify. Will the shoots take up part of the public road (lighting, scenery, blocking traffic, etc.) or are you asking for specific support from the city (parking ban, using city buildings, using a drone, etc.)? Then you do need to apply for a filming permit.

Do you need a permit for your production? You can submit your application quickly and easily online through the application form. Submit your request no later than 30 days before the start of your recordings. This will enable us to provide you with a timely response.

If you are organising an activity or event on public property, you will need an event permit. If you film the event, e.g. for a promo or event video, this is covered by your event permit. This means you only need to apply for a filming permit for film shoots that are not connected to an event.


Filming with drones has an impact on security and privacy. Therefore, since 31 December 2020, European regulations have been in place for the use of drones. If you use the public domain to take off or land a drone, you will need an additional permit.

Do you want to record in the port area? Then request permission from the port captain (Port of Antwerp Bruges) through the application form for the use of RPAS/drones.

No, the Bruges Film Office does not have its own support fund. As a production you can, under certain conditions, appeal to other funds, through Screen Flanders and the Flemish Audiovisual Fund (VAF).

Processing your application and whether or not to issue your film permit takes some time. Therefore, your application must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the start of your film shoots. That way, we can ask for additional information if necessary or adjust the plans so we can give you approval. We are happy to share in your thinking.

Just like the support from the City Film Office, your filming permit is free. You will therefore get permission to run your production if you meet the conditions. Of course, ancillary matters, such as electricity consumption, do cost. We are happy to give you more information about the rates and arrangements.

You want to add the charm of Bruges to your production without using a drone yourself? No problem! You will find photos and drone images that are free to use in our image bank. Contact us for more info.

At the City Film Office, we sincerely believe that local partners enhance your film production. We have made a handy list of Bruges entrepreneurs for your filming plans. Contact us and we will be happy to provide you a list of local partners that meet your needs and requirements.

The City Film Office will support your production, free of charge and without obligation. We do ask for several things in return:

  • You must respect the residents, the heritage, the primary function of the public domain and the public buildings.
  • The content of your recordings fits the image of the city.
  • We will assess your request for the impact on the city on the one hand, and for the return (promotional, economic, etc.) on the other.

The city has 5 licensed shipping companies that all sail the same route from their own jetty via Groenerei, Dijver and Bakkersrei to the Beguinage, where they turn around and sail the same route to Sint-Annarei, Spinolarei. They turn again near Jan Van Eyck Square and sail back to their jetty.

The use of an (electric) boat for film shoots must be agreed directly with the shipping companies. A permit is required to deviate from the course, the sailing times (10am to 6pm) and to use a vessel. When doing so, take into account the depth of the water, stability of the banks, etc.

You can find all the information here.

If the recordings are taking place at a location that is not the property of the City of Bruges, you will need additional permission from the manager. These include regional roads, certain canals, Zeebrugge, the Balkonrotonde, Stationsplein, towpaths, forests, castle grounds, etc.

We will be glad to refer you to the right authority for your intended filming location. Again, bear in mind this can take 30 days.

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