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Pakhuizen Steenkaai (Onder Vuur)

Finding the perfect location in Bruges or organising your film shoot in practice? Our team will do its utmost to provide maximum support to production companies. And this is valued. Many productions rave about the services of the City Film Office, and they are happy to share that feeling with you. Let yourself be inspired by the lovely feedback from these filming professionals.

Campagnebeeld Beau Séjour 2

"An adventure never to be forgotten."

For 6 months, the cast and crew of Beau Séjour settled in Zeebrugge. This was enough for 100 filming days in Zeebrugge for the successful 2nd season. Producer and general recording manager Saskia Verboven looks back: 
"it was a great adventure. Not an easy adventure, but one never to forget. It is thanks to the hospitality, commitment and enthusiasm of people like you that we could and can make good fiction in Flanders."

Filmlocatie Beau Séjour
Zeebrugge, haven Visit Bruges - Jan Darthet

"Incredible cinematic quality."

Kaat Beels, director of Beau Séjour about Zeebrugge: "We always look for a very specific arena and the scriptwriters suggested Zeebrugge and the navy. We were immediately impressed by the incredible character of the location. Everyone knows Bruges and any picture you take there is a postcard, but we felt it was much tougher to portray Zeebrugge because of its unimaginable cinematic quality. Also because of its rough character, with the port, the navy. It's really true that our story is set here."

The Bachelorette

"Thankful for the great collaboration."

John Trapman of Amsterdam Production Services worked with the City Film Office for the American show The Bachelorette. This made for the film office's first experience with reality TV. And they knew how to properly address the needs of John and his team. "The Bachelorette is a demanding production, requiring a lot of flexibility and having a big impact on the city. So it doesn't happen by itself, but our team is enthusiastic about the experience across the board. Thanks again for the great collaboration."

Opnames PK

"An ideal shooting location."

Bruges is one of the main locations in the film PK, which is also the first Bollywood production shot in Belgium. The picturesque Bruges city centre proved the ideal setting for Indian director Rajkumar Hirani's production team. Bollywood stars Anushka Sharma and Sushant Singh Rajput also praised Bruges.

“Bruges, in all its uniqueness and cultural beauty, offered us the affability and splendor needed for shooting a film. As both a holiday destination as well as a shooting location, Bruges proves to be ideal.” (director Rajkumar Hirani)

“It's so easy to fall in love with a place like Bruges. Everywhere you look you see such beauty.” (lead actor Sushant Singh Rajput)

“This having been my first shoot in Bruges, left me wanting to go back for some more. The astounding beauty, the wonderful people and the mouth watering food made my stay an unforgettable one.” (lead actress Anushka Sharma).

"In Bruges we can keep a very close eye on things."

Location managers Sanne Schockaert and Soetkin Gryson filmed De Familie Claus, Onder Vuur and Het Verhaal Van Vlaanderen, among others, and each time enjoyed working in Bruges. The smooth communication is a particular benefit for them.