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Lissewege, Boudewijnkanaal (Beau Séjour)

Bruges captures the imagination. The historic setting, the romance in the air, the unique look that evokes both excitement and tranquillity. Not surprisingly, a lot of production companies prefer our city as their film set. From series and films to commercials in Bruges.

Figures and success stories

The City Film Office was established in 2007. Since then, we have already supported some 900 productions, from feature films or TV series to commercials. And this has yielded a great many elegant results.

A selection from our roll of honour:

  • The 1959 film The Nun's Story
  • Bruges-La-Morte, a 1978 international film success
  • Aspe crime series
  • The Flemish drama series De Dag
  • Beau Séjour, with Zeebrugge in a leading role
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Aller/Retour (Zeebrugge)


Idy, an African refugee, prepares at the port of Zeebrugge to crawl aboard a truck bound for England.
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Opnames Before We Die

Before We Die (Season 2)

This version of the original Swedish crime series was a true television hit in the UK. The shootout where the police raid an empty building was shot in Bruges.
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Het Verhaal Van Vlaanderen

In this visually impressive series, presenter Tom Waes takes you through the rich history of the area we now call Flanders.  
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Opnames Les Vengeances De Maître Poutifard

Les Vengeances De Maître Poutifard

From Bruges, Maître Poutifard hatches a diabolical plan to take revenge on his former students.  
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Opnames Toutes Ces Choses Qu'on Ne S'est Pas Dites - Koningsbrug

Toutes Ces Choses Qu'on Ne S'est Pas Dites

The story of Julia and her difficult relationship with her father. Their journey takes them through a number of iconic cities in Europe, including Bruges.  
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Opnames Sportzot - Dijver


Roderick Pijls has kite-surfed on a volcano in Iceland, on a toxic lake in Tanzania, ... The next challenge? Foil surfing on the canals of Bruges.  
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Beau Séjour 2

Beau Séjour 2

With a summery, colourful look, the series looks like a genuine declaration of love to the seaside town of Bruges.  
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Opnames Da's Liefde

Da's Liefde

Bruges, 'that city of beauty' offers instant romance. Where better to film a series like 'Da's liefde (That´s love) than in our winding streets and lively squares?
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In this musical with Adam Driver and Marillon Cotillard, the Concert Hall is supposed to represent the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles.  
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