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Basecamp Maître Poutifard - Hallen Belfort

The City Film Office attracts film productions to Bruges and supports them in the field. In doing so, it uses its experience to enhance the mission of Visit Bruges overall: to provide professionals with the most comprehensive service possible, in close collaboration with other city services. With a warm heart for local partners who can enhance productions.

Proactive pillar since 2007

The filming of the blockbuster In Bruges was a highlight for Bruges on the silver screen. In 2007, this production coincided with the launch of the Bruges Film Office, now City Film Office. It was the first major filming request and it required a structural and proactive approach. In Bruges really put Bruges on the map as a filming location. Inspired by this success, many more resounding titles followed:

The white queen
Opnames 'The White Queen', Stadhuis Stad Brugge

The smooth way to great collaboration

Along with you and your team, the City Film Office will throw its weight behind a smooth production in Bruges. This is why we have several set steps for your application. Above all, keep in mind the 30-day term to ensure that you have the necessary permits when you begin your recordings.

Some key steps in your permit application:

  1. Complete and submit the application form at least 30 days prior to the start of recordings.
  2. We review your file, request advice from relevant city departments and ask for the city council's approval.
  3. Your permit will be approved, denied, or we will request additional information from you.